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June 07, 2007



At least you have a "Nordos." As MJ's sister currently living "in the sticks" of far West Texas, the thought of even wandering through a Nordstrom is pleasing. On a February trip to Austin, with a group of high school students, a mall was the perfect spot to kill a couple of hours. While the kids ran through every Gadzooks-like store possible, I had a tearful moment in a calm "Nordos." Childhood memories and department store civility made me long for a Nordstrom where I live. Oh, if I could browse the leftovers of the Half Yearly Sale.

MJ of The Kitchen Think

Thanks, NAC, for commenting. Incidentally - Nancy, my sister, was not born with the shopping gene either...so for her to long to browse at Nordstrom is a BIG deal.

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