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June 05, 2007



I was surprised with your saying that you were a serial swearer in your 20's and 30's though I can somewhat understand your side. Btw, Looking back on my mid 30's I also seemed to use a four-letter word.
But, I rarely swear in front of kids or students because of two reasons ; one is no swearing can make the kids change basically, the other is the swearing I jerk out is certain to be brought on me.
Of course, I sometimes speak ill of others, not kids when I'm upset. Then I give comfort to myself that a four-letter word seems to be a f***ing necessary evil. Anyway we should try not to offend one's mind by swearing whether the one is an adult or a child.

TV Watch

You raise some good points in your post. Here are some facts that you might find interesting. An overwhelming majority of Americans (91%) object to government deciding what they are able to watch on television. When activists talk about protecting children instead of parents—here’s what they’re talking about: sixty-eight percent of the country’s 110 million television-viewing households do not include children under age 18 and households with children have different challenges to face due to the varying ages of kids within each family. Currently, there are 11 million households with children age 6-11, 15 million households with children age 0-5 and 9 million households with children 12-17.

TV has come a long way from the days of three channels and rabbit ears antennas. Today’s TV audiences are putting to use broadband, DVRs, TV video on demand, iPods and cell phones to greatly expand their choices about what, when, where and how to watch TV. New technology means consumers have more selection than ever and more control than ever over what they see on TV. We all have more choices and parents have more tools to ensure their kids only see what’s right for them. Let’s let parents decide—not government, for all of us.

There is more information to be found at www.TelevisionWatch.org

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