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April 18, 2007


David S

We need to have more people to reach out, for sure, to people who are in trouble in our midst. In the highly individualistic society in which we live, and made more fragmented instead of less, as music critic Phillip Kennicott so eloquently pointed out, that is not going to be the norm. In such a closely knit community such as the Korean-Americans in northern Virginia, it is hard to believe that someone just four or five hours away at school so slipped through the cracks and so badly as Cho did.

There seems to have been the attempt by the Cho family, along with Chris Davids on campus and especially on his sister's part, to have prevented the tragedy, perhaps a little better than with the Va Tech police and authorities, who behaved more helplessly at times, especially in getting this troubled kid some help.

In closing, how many of you have seen the photo of Cho from Stone Middle School, perhaps the one at the end of his life he least wanted us to see, but at the same time, for our complete healing from what happened, we all need to see the most?

It is the one that best restores humanity to who was still for at least a substantial enough part of his life, still very human, and the least likely of them all to inspire a copycat crime, as I suspect a little might happen and even a little sooner than any of us, including me, might think, but that none of us, of course, want to see happen ever again.

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