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"Wise Ideas" is a blog aimed at women in progress. That is to say, just about any woman out there who is struggling to blend being a mom/wife with being an individual, while balancing careers, families, work and play.
This covers just about any woman over 25 in this country today, who watch as the world buzzes by at breakneck pace, bombarding us with new cultural, social and lifestyle issues and trends.
"Wise Ideas" is an attempt to help you sift through all that clutter to find the stuff that really matters...and provide you with quick links to learn more about it in your own time.
As for me, I was born the same year as Barbie, pantyhose, Castro’s Cuba and the microchip (Google it!), and fully appreciate the power and reach of the internet, as well as the intellect and diverse interests of those who use it.
I'm an Emmy award winning former television news producer who left that career to raise two kids and manage a household. I'm now a full-time SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) and part-time writer with a need to use my communications skills for something other than coordinating carpools, arranging school auctions and breaking up bickering sessions.
This blog, like myself, is a work in progress - and I hope to inspire you to take part...for what are we women without one another!
Please, feel free to participate, create, comment and take part in the conversation. And be sure to let me know if you've got any Wise Ideas.


entourage, curb your enthusiasm, news, lance armstrong, health and political issues as well as cultural trends that impact women and families. fav blogs: on balance and on parenting at, the juggle on the online edition of the wall street journal, silicon valley moms blog, the mojomom, the huffington post, fav timewaster: old music videos on youtube, cruising itunes, fav tv shows: house, saving grace, medium, mad men, the colbert report, news and more news! coffee: peets! heroes: my sister, my kids' teachers, stephen colbert and jon stewart, i've most recently read: "what is the what?", "falling man, " as many old new yorker, sunset, time and the economist issues piling up by my bed., social, the daily show