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May 25, 2007


Sangho Moon

The mom, not grandma, having twin babies is 60. Of course, it's her choice and nobody can judge the woman. Furthermore, the older mom might be better than the young in taking care of babies.

But I can't help feeling somewhat bitter. Even though the life span has greatly increased, the babies will eventually be left without her at a young age. Who will take care of the babies? Their 33 and 29 siblings?

In my opinion, instead of spending a lot of expenses on having the babies at her age. she'd better be concerned with poor kids of the world. Won't it be the more beautiful old age for her?

Roy Reichle

If I said, "Good for her! She's made a wonderful choice to empower women." That is a judgement, albeit a positive one. If we're going to talk, there are likely to be judgements made. It's just that people, such as the previous commenter, are against negative ones, preferring to live in a pollyanna world where everyone gets to be right.

In my humble judgement, I can't say anything about Ms. Birnbaum as a person, but her ACTIONS do not seem to be necessarily carried out with the twin's futures in mind. At least that's what can be gleaned from her current statements.

Judging by those statements, this birth is mostly concerned with her personal agenda for making a point about age. This is a problem. Can it be good to USE one's own children for such an end? Her other stated purpose is to provide siblings of a closer age to her youngest son. What happened to having children for their own sake? Granted, she probably does hold some desire for her twins based on themselves. But those are not the ones Ms. Birnbaum talks about. They are not the ones foregrounded as one might expect.

On a whole, Americans probably need to come to grips with getting older. It's natural and unpreventable. Even this blogger can't bring herself to even type the word, "Grandmother." What's up with that? Ageism? I've been mistaken for my son and daughter's Grandpa. So What? It's a simple, harmless assumption to make when the majority of childen, regardless of ONE OB/GYN's clientele, are born to younger people. What's the big deal? The majority of the people I went to high school with ARE grandparents. So much for the blogger's miniature survey.

Getting older is okay. And I have to ask, "Why is it bad to be assumed to be a grandparent?" What are the obviously negative presumptions of that state?


A major problem for those boys genetically is the age of their father(63). The boys will be at much higher risk of prostate cancer, ALL, Alzheimer's, diabetes, MS, autism, schizophrenia, PDD, which all rise with the increased age of the biological dad. Sperm DNA mutations rise with age of the father and it is best to end fathering of babies before the age of 33.

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