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February 06, 2007


The Ranting Wookie

The coverage has been lacking, but I believe for a different reason than you cite. It's not that the papers have been too hard on the Mayor (you're right, though, that they do seem to revel in cheap shots). It's that none of them seem all that concerned with the fact that this is the latest in a long, long string of poor judgment calls he's made. It goes back to the early days of his office.

Example: remember the photo ops at crime scenes that the SFPD quietly asked him to stop, because he was interfering with their work? Turns out that his judgment was wrong, but in three years since then, crime in SF has bucked the general national trend and gone up.

I'm concerned that a guy who shows up tipsy at the hospital where a cop lays dying, massively overreacts to a police video (then lets the whole thing go), dates a 19 year old, and takes cheap shots at the cable car operators (of all people!) simply isn't the guy to run our City.

I fear his judgment is lacking - and I don't want to wait for a catastrophe to find out that I'm right.

It's that POV that's lacking from the coverage thus far.

Leslie Sproul

I find it hard to believe that Gavin and his woe's are front page news or the lead off story on the evening news when there are far more serious issues that all americans need to focus on, Iraq, Bush's Budget etc. Put Gavin back in the style section where he belongs and let's keep the focus on what really matters.


I congratulate the Mayor for recognizing his addiction and being willing to do something about it. He will do a much better job sober than he has in the past and should be given the opportunity to do so. I know he feels enough shame already, and doesn't need the media to call anything to his attention. I wish him well, one day at a time.


Please leave Gavin Newsom along and let him do his job. He can not do it when he have news reporter following him around. I mean there are more important issue that we need to look at we are in a war for crying out loud we got a jackass who is president demanding more money at the same time cutting health care. These issues are a hell of alot more important than Gavin Newsom personal life.

Mark Vane

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