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January 23, 2007



I was spanked two times as a little girl, and remember the reasons for them both - stealing and lying. It has not forever scarred me, and I do not believe that my parents were trying to hurt me - they were telling me that there are serious consequences to my actions. I've known of a woman who was jailed because she spanked her child - I do not know the extenuating circumstances of the home life - but what I do know is that both parents were extremely involved in the childs life and loved that child dearly. That being said, abuse happens in many forms and it is difficult to know the motivation for spanking in all circumstances. Perhaps Sally Lieber should also look into arresting parents for verbal abuse then as well - because I can tell you that I see that quite often in public - and no one steps up then to discipline the parents.


I think this is nuts..Spanking don't hurt no one.. Now if you are excess spanking then yeah..But to me anyone that has no kids or a clue of anything shouldn't even try to make a ban on anything. The bible even talks about it. I was spanked some when I was younger and to me that makes a better person then letting the kid get away with everything. This representative sounds like a spoiled brat.. I've seen kids who have never been spanked and they are way out of control and act like the representative. I pray that this will not go through. There is a difference between spanking and abusing. Its wrong for a person that has no kids at all to try and make a ban on this..They have NO clue what goes on...
Thank you.


This is a clear example of how you throw out the baby with the bath water. There is nothing wrong with spanking. I've seen kids never spanked that grew up as adults and were the biggest spoiled jerks. The problem is not spanking, but abuse, which is a perversion of spanking in love and discipline.

Should we ban the internet since it can be abused?

Should we ban cars since people can be found drunk driving in it?

Should we ban sports since some of them take steroids?

Please, forget the bill. It seems to me Lieber just wants her name out there, or, she's never had any kids to deal with.

Love requires discipline.


I'm a mother of 4 kids and I think it's rediculous for a non-parent, to make such a suggestion. I think that there are a lot more things to worry about, like all the sex offenders that the courts keep letting back out on the streets to reoffend.
How come Ms. Leiber isn't working on that? Remember Shasta Groene and Jessica Lunsford and many many others who needed protection but didn't get it?

Amanda Bariteau

I believe there is a CLEAR difference between spanking out of anger and spanking for discipline purposes. It is even visible in that all you have to do is look at the parents face to see if they are angry and their reaction time is also key. I believe it is completely appropriate to send your child to their room while they think about what they have done and you decide whether or not they should be spanked while you cool down as well. Spanking out of anger is child abuse.


I can not believe that this can be made law. We were raised with the knowledge that we would be spanked on occaision. This knowledge let us know that there are consequences for our actions.

I really think that that is what is wrong with some of the children today. Thay do not know where their limits are.

I do NOT mean beating or even excessive spanking. But a even a light swat on the butt when they are young (On top of their diaper)gets them to pay attention to what is going on.

This done early, virtually eliminates the need to spank later.

maureen moskovic

This bill is ridiculous and and an example of how government is wasting their time and our tax dollars on issues the public doesn't believe are a big problem. Lieber should be working on child care for working parents if she wants to help families--or health/nutrition and excercise education for parents. Then she might be able to do us some good. I can't believe she is wasting her time on spanking. It could never be enforced. She is completely out of touch and should resign from the assembly for proposing something so ridiculous.

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