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December 14, 2006


Ruby Woo

I was surprised to hear that employers are still letting their employee go if they have to attend their sick child. I thought those days are over because back in 1965 when my son was sick with a fever of 103 & I called in. The next day, when they supervisor heard my voice,she said, " NOW, WHAT?" I said I'll come in next Monday (it was on Thursday I spoke to her.)She said,"No, I'll call you". She NEVER did call me back. That's how it was when I was raising my family.


Watching your kid start to get sick is like watching a bomb waiting to explode. There's just no room for slack anywhere -- it's not just my job, it's everyone else's, too. If I'm not there to get certain things done, then my co-workers suffer, too. There's just no easy way to deal with all of it, and employers need to be a little more forgiving if they expect employees to do their jobs.


My husband's company is very good about family so when our daughter became sick we arranged for me to take care of her in the morning and he would take over at lunch. I had one office manager tell me that I could not use vacation time or sick leave to take care of her. When I was undergoing tests for a pending surgery, I was told that I was missing too much time from work. I didn't stay with that company long.


My husband and daughter are both bipolar. I could lose my job if I miss as little as 5 days in a 12 month period. Thank goodness for FMLA. I don't know where we'd be without it.

JC Reuber

My son woke up this morning with a verrrry messy case of the flu, and I had to take the day off. My husband has his own business and normally he can do it, but he's out of town.

My boss was NOT happy about the call and said I was lucky she was in at all (she's awaiting surgery and has had to be home alot herself lately - she was home yesterday). I was off for minor surgery myself a couple of days last week - I feel terrible about the timing, but it's also infuriating that we're put in the position of choosing between our children and our livelihood.

I should be focussed on my son but instead I'm worrying about whether or not this will affect my future with the company, any bonuses or raises, or even whether they decide to hire someone else.

We need to stop looking at family and children as problems to be solved or worked around, and develop a labour system in North America that supports and works with our lives. As we all know, the Baby Boomer generation is aging and in the next few decades the situation will not be one of needing to stay home because of a sick kid, but of needing time off for a sick parent.

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